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Total Transparency

We treat our clients as partners and work alongside you to deliver your next outcome - not up-sell our next gig. We're straight talkers and you'll be informed every step of the way with what's going on, who's doing it and where it's heading.
Whether you identify the challenge or we do, we go after it with everything we've got. We’re well-versed in lightweight design, research and development techniques and we deliver results quickly.
You'll be a key part of the team - there are no 'client-facing' or 'internal' documents here, it's your project and it's all open for you to see. In a nutshell, everyone’s on the same page to deliver cutting-edge technology specific to your business goals.

Cogent is one of our most valuable delivery partners. Not only do they work hard to make sure that their people and teams are a good technical fit, they go the extra distance to make sure that they are able to fit in with our work style and culture. Dealing with Cogent has always been a positive experience for us, I’d recommend them to any company needing talented developers or development teams.
Adam Boas, realestate.com.au

Lasting Impact

Our aim isn’t to take our knowledge with us. In fact, it’s the opposite. We want to give you and your team the tools and skills you need to continue building, learning and iterating on your own.
We do little things you'll love, like leading a lunchtime talk or mentoring your next team lead to make sure our knowledge is embedded within your team.

Cogent bring a real commitment to the product vision, which has helped us build not only a real product, but also achieve great user growth, user engagement, revenue and a strong brand and reputation.
Julian Elliott, CEO at Covidence

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